About US

A Division of Fedmet Resources Corporation: 


Fedmet provides quality engineered products and services for all your high temperature applications.

For over 20 years, Fedmet has provided outstanding results for our clients within the iron, steel and non-ferrous industries. Our company's reputation is built on delivering high quality products made with the world's best raw materials.

We give you a competitive advantage by offering you superior proven products that positively impact your bottom line, perform better and are safer.

With over 25 warehouse facilities in the United States, Canada, Mexico and South America we assure your products are readily available when you need them in these regions.

Our knowledgeable engineers ensure the proper application of our products to give you the maximum level of output and safety.

Fedmet is committed to providing outstanding service and solutions to each and every customer, by dedicating its vast global resources.

Company Vision: 

Deliver an exceptional customer experience to our clients in the high temp world.
It's what we do!

Mission Statement:

We serve our clients in the high temp world by providing profitable solutions that contribute to the well-being of our employees and stakeholders. We achieve our objectives by offering competitive and sustainable solutions that provide long term value to our clients and vendors. We do this while delivering an exceptional experience.  We will always choose to do the right thing.

Core Values:

We are committed to delivering an exceptional experience by:

Practicing accountability

Delivering exceptional customer experiences through service

Building a team with family spirit

Demonstrating passion and determination

Practicing respect and humility

Embracing and driving change

Developing open and honest relationships through communication

Demonstrating professionalism

Pursuing constant growth and learning

Doing more with less


Western businessmen travel to China every day now, but that wasn't the case in 1990. At that time, communication was limited and transportation was difficult. 

Have you ever been without a telephone for days or shared a plane with caged chickens? Slept on a flat board in a rack five high on an overnight train? Founder Mark Mattar did this routinely in the early days of Fedmet as he pursued fresh ways of locating engineered products for companies like yours. Traveling from supplier to supplier, he negotiated for the best possible products at very fair prices to support a burdened industry. 

Mark still travels, still searches for new remedies and forges new alliances to ensure your high temperature manufacturing has access to solutions that lower your costs, increase your efficiency and integrate your shop for optimal achievement. As a result of Mark's extensive worldwide expeditions, manufacturers from every corner of the globe have joined those in China to form Fedmet's resource consortium, dedicated to meeting your present and future needs.