Website Launch

We have just launched our Spanish website!

To view our Spanish website, click on the flag in the top right corner of any page, next to the search box, or click here.

Our Latin American office has supported our brand for over 18 years. We have representatives in Mexico and throughout Central and South America.

Guillermo Navarro Polanco, a Metallurgical Chemical Engineer in the Latin American office believes that "Fedmet customers can expect trust, friendliness, safety, knowledge, experience, loyalty and support. Our team provides immediate response to requests, compliance to all deadlines and great product quality." Guillermo has been with Fedmet since 2009.

Our Latin American team will provide you with knowledge and experience. Our engineers have worked in plants and know exactly what kind of challenges customers face. They provide each client with personal attention 24 hours a day, will enhance your process and will lower costs as much as possible.