Please note: SDS and product info sheets have been consolidated to the greatest extent possible to make it simpler for our customers. Fedmet offers many custom-engineered sub-brands to suit your specific application, but most of these are minor tweaks and do not warrant separate documents. If you do not find the specific one you need, please feel free to contact us.

Product Information Sheets

Atlas 92 Atlas 95 Atlas 96TIZ Atlas 98


Ceramic Fiber

Flosan Z20                        Flosan Z30             Flosan Z50

Product Bulletins


Ferro Silicon

Ladle Lip Arch Brick


Tilt/Starter Sets 

Calcium Carbide

Magfill handout



AG Shapes Fedvibe M

Aluminia Graphite Shapes 

Atlas Flosan 2000

Atlas 92       

Atlas 95

Atlas 98

Atlas TI Flosan GDS

Bastion Flosan Z

Ceramic Fiber Flosan

Durachrome           Flosan NFS

Epic                Flosan 300Z 

Epic C           Flosan Z30  

Epic TI         FSG A Slidegate Plate - Nozzle

Epic 60                         Fedcast C

Epic 80                 FSG B Slidegate Plate - Nozzle

Fedcast FG FSG S Slidegate Plate - Nozzle

Fedcast SP  FSG Z Slidegate Plate - Nozzle

Fedcast Fused Silica Brick and Shapes

Fedgun AL Graphite Electrode

Fedgun IFB

Fedmag Mortar Ladlemag DF 

Fedmor C Magfill

Fedmor FG Oracle

Fedmor Paragon Burned

Fedplas - Ram C Paragon Pitch Bonded

Fedplas - Ram M Paragon Resin Bonded

Fedplas - Ram Pinnacle

Fedsil 96 Trough Sand


Fedvibe 82-88