Sales Meeting

Fedmet just had its annual sales meeting! Our meeting was held in Thetford Mines, QC where our magfill plant is located. Olimag produces a variety of different sand products at their facilities. The magfill has multiple uses including EBT taphole fill, ladle nozzle fill, tundish insulation and EAF stadium backfill. Due to the calcining and mineralogy, there is almost no free silica in this product.  

Want to learn more about our Sand products? Check out our brochure here!

Our team building activity included a go-karting race at Karting Thetford! It was a blast to try to win the race. We spent a day in the office for continued learning on the Fedmet product lines. Olimag's Jean-Yves also gave a fantastic presentation about their products as well. Fedmet focuses on being a leader in the industry for all high temp application, so having continued learning meetings is essential in being able to best find solutions for our customers.