Mark Mattar

When did you start Fedmet

Title: President

Job Description: I am a Ceramic Engineer from Alfred University.
My first job was at US Steel,
Gary Works working in ceramic quality control, implementation
and application optimization.
Next I worked for Nalco Chemical
in Marketing. Then I worked
for Wirth Inc, where we had the exclusive representation for
Veitscher Magnesite (now RHI)
for North America. I learned the importation part of the business
as we grew the business from $2
million to over $40 million. While working this job, I completed my

Expertise: Ceramic Engineer,
sales and business development

Hobbies: I enjoy skiing, golfing
and mountain biking.

Additional Information: I have
been married for 34 years, and
have 3 wonderful daughters.

Edward Shaw

When did you start at Fedmet?

Title: Product Manager

Location/Territory: All

Job Description: I come up with
mixes of sand to meet customers needs and promote the sale of our sand. I also design and market
special equipment to help make
the customers practice safer and easier.

Industry background: I was with
Narco for 17 years designing and building equipment for the steel
industry and I was also the
application engineer for flow
control equipment for the steel
industry. I was the owner of EHS Technologies for 5 years where
we built and designed this same equipment.

Hobbies: Problem solving

Additional Information: I have
been married 32 years to my wife
Donna and we have three sons, Eddie III, Eric and Ethan. We
also have three grandchildren,
Callen, Bowen and Raelyn.

Thomas Rhein

When did you start at Fedmet?

Title: Regional Business Manager

Location/Territory: Cranberry
Twp, PA/ Western PA and
Eastern Ohio, WV Panhandle

Job Description: Sales and
service of refractory and related products.

Industry background: I have over
30 years of experience selling and servicing the steel industry.

Hobbies: Spending time with my family, playing golf and other
sporting activities.

James Jackowski

When did you start at Fedmet? 
May 12, 2014

Title: Regional Sales Manager

Location/Territory: North East

Job Description: I am presently trying to gain market share in
facilities we don't currently have business.

Industry background: I have worked for 18 years in the specialty steel sector. I have worked in operations, sales, procurement and most recently as the superintendent of melting, forging, and billet/slab
and rolling.

Expertise: My expertise is in EAF melting, AOD refining and bottom pour ingot casting.

Hobbies: Coaching my son's
soccer team and hanging at the
pool with my kids.

Additional Information: I am not married. I have two children, Noah,
12 and Leah, 8. 

Robert Wright

When did you start at Fedmet?

Title: Regional Sales and Service Manager

Location/Territory: I work in the
St. Louis Area, covering 5 states.

Job Description: I call on the
steel, iron, and coke producers
as well as foundries and cement.
I make calls weekly to my customers, checking on their operation and help solve any problems. I keep track of existing business and trying to find new business.

Industry background: I presently
have 38 years in the business. I
began work in the engineering department, doing B/M's,
arrangement drawing, worked
in the plant, field service, etc.
To present day I am doing sales
and management.

Expertise: Designing steel
dies/molds to produce refractory products.

Hobbies: I like restoring classic

Additional Information: I am
not married and have no children

Arturo Ortega

When did you start at Fedmet?

Title: Service Tech.

Location/Territory: Latin America

Job Description: Copper Division 
in the states and Latin America

Industry background: 23 years 
at ASARCO, 14 years as a 
Service Tech.

Hobbies: Being with family

Additional Information: 5 grandchildren.

Jean Fournier

When did you start at Fedmet?August, 2009  

Title: Account Manager 

Location/Territory: My territory is Québec, Canada. 

Industry background: I have 24 years of experience as a general Foreman for raw material and refractories at Sidbec-Dosco and 17 years of experience selling refractories in Eastern Canada.

Expertise: My expertise is in melt shop operations and refractories.

Hobbies: Golf!

Additional Information: I'm married with one child and two grandchildren.



Germain Rengifo 

When did you start at Fedmet? February,1996

Title: Director of Sales,
Latin America

Location/Territory: Cali,

Job Description: My team and I establish Fedmet in all products
and in all industries in Latin

Industry background: I started working for Fedmet after I graduated from McGill University with an International Business degree. I've been with Fedmet since the early years and have watched it mature into the company it is today. 

Expertise: Marketing and market knowledge

Hobbies: I enjoy being with family
and friends, riding horses and
doing the simple things that we
take for granted.


Julie Mattar-Lord

When did you start at Fedmet? 2010

Title: Marketing Manager/Corporate Strategist

Location/Territory:  Global

Job Description: My role is to support Sales and company growth.  I manage all traditional marketing activities within Fedmet as well as have an active role creating and implementing corporate strategy. 

Industry Background:  I started   with Fedmet after graduating Plattsburgh State University in New York with a degree in Business.          I am a member of AIST's young professionals group as well as    AWMI.

Expertise: MBA in Strategic Sustainability, corporate strategy,        and marketing.

Hobbies: Snowboarding, Running and swimming! 

Additional Info: I am married with a toddler and another on the way.

Dave Verelli 

When did you start at Fedmet? January, 1998

Title: Product Specialist/
Refractory Applications Engineer

Location/Territory: Anywhere I
am needed

Job Description: I am a brick
product manager.

Industry background: I have
previous experience working in
brick manufacturing and research.

Expertise: Brick and brick
product installations

Hobbies: I enjoy riding my
motorcycle and spending time
with my grandkids.

Additional Information: My wife Carla and I have 5 kids and 9 grandchildren.

Randy Engstrom

When did you start at Fedmet? July, 1995

Title: Regional Business Manager

Location/Territory: My territory
is mainly the South East; however I
have accounts in Kentucky,
California, Utah, Minnesota and Mississippi.

Job Description: I primary do
sales but occasionally cover
trials from a service stand point.
I create sales budgets and strive
to achieve them.

Industry background: I spent 22 years in production of steel; 5
years as an hourly employee and
17 years in lower to mid-level management.

Expertise: Melt shop operations
and sales, also helping  accounts
with any problems they may have
and trying to fit our products to
help them.

Hobbies: I enjoy family time on
the boat and shooting. I also enjoy
golfing, hunting, fishing, water
skiing, wake boarding and playing catch with the football or baseball
with my 13 year old son. Did I
mention I'm 60!?

Additional Information: I've been married 20 years to my better half Marlena and we have three sons.

Peter Koslik

When did you start at Fedmet? 2003

Title: Regional Business Manager

Location/Territory: Niagara on
the Lake, Canada and select accounts in the northwest and northeast US

Industry background: I have 33
years of experience selling
refractories and mechanical
equipment to the Canadian steel industry.

Expertise: I am a Metallurgy
and Materials Science Engineer.

Hobbies: I like sailing - both
racing and cruising.

Additional Information: I am
happily married with 5 kids and
one golden retriever.

Gregory Vugrinovich 

When did you start at Fedmet? I started making contacts and appointments in August of 2014. 

Title: Regional Sales Manager

Location/Territory: My territory is primarily northeastern Ohio.

Job Description: I focus on sales driven by all of our product lines. 

Industry background: I have over 21 years of experience in the manufacturing of steel products and steel making. I also have 3 years of industrial engineering with plans on furthering my education. 

Expertise: Primarily hot end processes and all related refractory applications. 

Hobbies: I enjoy spending time with family. 

Additional Information: I have one wonderful daughter.

Guillermo Navarro Polanco

When did you start at Fedmet?August, 2009

Title: Metallurgical Chemical 

Location/Territory: México 
(Simec Mexicali, Simec
Guadalajara and Gracza)

Job Description: Sales and
technical service in Mexico; 
technical service in Latin America.

Industry background: Steel 

Expertise: Steel manufacturing processes

Hobbies: Soccer, football

Additional Information: My wife Mónica Muñoz and I have a 10 year old son named Luis Guillermo 
Navarro and a 2 year old son named Jesus Antonio Navarro. 

Doug Nolan

When did you start at Fedmet? November 13th, 2017


Title: Regional Sales Manager


Location/Territory: Ohio


Job Description: Refractory Sales to Steelmaking/Metals Markets


Industry Background: I have worked at Corning's Globar, Proppants and Fused Cast (Corhart) divisions, as well as 27 years at Veitsch, Veitsch-Radex, Narco and RHI.My jobs mainly centered around steel sales and technical marketing.


Expertise:I am a Ceramic Engineer from Alfred University and have extensive refractory knowledge as it relates to various steelmaking and metals applications.


Hobbies:I enjoy riding my Harley, Golf and Volleyball.


Additional Info: I have a beautiful wife of 25 years and three wonderful daughters






James Conrad

When did you start at Fedmet? 1998

Title: Vice President of Technology

Location/Territory: Global

Job Description: Technology and quality control.

Industry background: I have 27
years of experience in the refractories industry.

Expertise: Refractories


Uta Trommer 

When did you start at Fedmet?   July 1997

Title: Marketing Executive -                        Electrodes

Location/Territory: I work out of the office located in Montreal, Quebec. My territory is wherever I am needed company wide.

Job Description: Following many years of experience in supply management, I am the liaison between electrode availability and the market's demands. My focus is customer oriented and providing exceptional support to our sales team.

Industry Background: My entire career I have been working within the steel industry. Before coming to Canada and joining Fedmet, I worked forKlöckner Co., one of Germany's largest steel producers.

Expertise: International business, marketing and electrodes.

Hobbies: I love the great outdoors. Hiking, skiing and cross fit training. Health and fitness.

Additional Info: I have a grown son, whom I raised single-handed.

James Demarco

When did you start at Fedmet? 2001

Title: Product Manager, Slide Gates and Stir Plugs

Location/Territory: I travel wherever I am needed.

Job Description: I help with
getting slide gates and stir plugs into shops, help get conversions
up and running and also provide assistance in solving slide gate
and stir plug problems.

Industry background: I have
worked for many companies
within the steel industry such as
Wheeling Pittsburgh, Universal Stainless Steel and NARCO.

Expertise: Slide gates and stir plugs

Hobbies: Spending time with my children and grandchildren, biking with my wife, golfing and watching football.

Jeff Weyant

When did you start at Fedmet? June, 2008

Title: Fedmet-Gastrim Management

Location/Territory: Bel Air, MD -

Job Description: My responsibility
is two-fold. I provide sales and service to assigned customers in NJ, MD, PA, VA, WV, and DE.
As a product manager, I provide worldwide support to customers
and salesmen in the bottom pour area (hot tops, bottom pour tile, topping compounds, and caps).

Industry background: I spent the
first 20 years of my career working
for steel companies in
manufacturing and engineering positions. I spent 5 years working for Thermatex/Wahl Refractories before joining Fedmet.

Expertise: I have my bachelors in Mechanical Engineering from Penn State University.

Hobbies: I like golf, hunting,
fishing and motorcycles.

Additional Information: I am married with one daughter.

Edward Burns

When did you start at Fedmet?
July, 2011

Title: Product Manager,
Degassing and Iron Making Refractories

Location/Territory: Degassing Operations and Blast Furnaces corporate wide

Job Description: I promote refractories for the degassing and iron industries, focusing on mag chrome brick for degassers and taphole clay for blast furnaces.

Industry background: I have
been in the integrated steel
market for the last 40 years in various positions, ranging from service and sales to construction management to vice president. I was integral in the transition from water based taphole clay to anhydrous taphole clay. I was also instrumental in insuring that blast furnace grouting and stack
gunning both remained a fast and economical means of repair. I have been awarded three different patents for blast furnace stack repairs, lead the team that first gunned, casted and then shotcreted hot metal mixers and started the first economically viable shotcrete Treadwell ladle program in the country.

Expertise: My expertise is in
the design, installation and maintenance of all ironmaking refractories with particular
emphasis on furnace stack,
taphole, casthouse floor and

Hobbies: I help ordinary people achieve great things.

Additional Information: I have
been married for 38 years and
have three children.

Daniel Coker

When did you start at Fedmet?January, 2009

Title: Regional Business Manager

Location/Territory: The Chicago
area and other locations throughout the US

Job Description: I supply the
steel producing industry high quality, effective products at a
low cost.

Industry background: I have 35
years of experience in operations
for various plants throughout the

Expertise: My expertise is in my knowledge of operations and
products, along with my extensive industry contacts.

Hobbies: I like to go golfing.

Matthew Kazmierowski

When did you start at Fedmet? 
July 15, 2013

Title: Regional Sales Manager

Location/Territory: I am based out of the Chicago area and my territory includes Illinois, Iowa, Missouri, Eastern Kansas and parts of Nebraska.

Job Description: I am maintaining existing customers in the steel and foundry market and continue to concentrate my efforts on expanding my customer base; in steel, ferrous and non-ferrous Foundries,  minerals processing and with refractory contractors.

Industry background: I have been in the refractory industry for over 30 years, with experience in sales, marketing and refractory construction.  

Expertise: I have a solid background in refractory sales & construction in steel (iron producing and reheat) power plants and minerals processing. In my capacity as a sales/marketing manager I helped support a network of refractory contractor/distributors that covered the entire US and parts of Central and South America.

Hobbies: I enjoy spending time with my family and friends. I like all Chicago sports, I golf and my wife and I are on a bowling league.

Additional Information: I have been married to my wife Christina for 43 years, we have two sons. Joe, who is married to my daughter in law Jennifer, has given us our only grandchild, Samantha. My youngest son Kevin is a student at Illinois State University.