Fedmet refractory bricks include mag-carbon, AMC, MAC, alumina, mag-chrome and dolomite bricks. Other refractories include blast furnace taphole clay, tapholes, slidegates, plugs and EAF bottom hot patch materials.

Our Diamond Graphite electrode products are available in a wide variety of diameters for EAF and LMF applications.

Fedmet-Gastrim combustion systems use the revolutionary TKE-HTT technology, an ultra-high performance burner system, for ladle refractory drying or pre-heating, heat treating and metal processing reheating applications.




Fedmet provides quality engineered products and services for all your high temperature applications.

For 30 years, we have been providing:

  • Team of experience: knowledgeable engineers to assist in your process & ensure proper application & ultimately lower your cost/ton
  • Helping customers use better products & practices to improve their business/provide a competitive advantage
  • Solutions that increase reliability, improve safety, contribute to a quality end product and lower overall costs