Ladle Refractories

Product Description:

Fedmet has proven products for every ladle, slag and practice. We will design you a well-balanced lining, providing optimal performance at the lowest possible cost. Our Pinnacle series slagline magnesia-carbon brick is made from 100% electrically fused magnesite, high purity graphite and metallic antioxidants as needed. Barrels and bottoms can be tailored to fit your operation using Pinnacle, Oracle alumina-mag-carbon, Bastion mag-alumina-carbon, or Epic fired alumina, Paragon mag-enriched dolomite and/or Durachrome magnesia-chrome brick.

Performance Highlights:

We offer everything needed for your aluminum-killed and/or silicon-killed practice. Working linings are custom-designed based on your specific operation. In addition to working linings, we have accessory products such as castables, plastics and ram materials, lip retaining brick systems, blocks and metal anchors. Every product is designed to provide you with optimum service in your specific operation and existing practice. Fedmet's qualified Applications Specialists will help you every step of the way.

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Aluminum - Killed Casting

Stainless Transfer Ladle

Silicon Killed Casting Ladle

Iron Transfer Ladle