NLMK Group recognizes Seven Refractories with “Best Supplier Innovation” award


Fedmet partner Seven Refractories was recently named “Best Supplier Innovation” by the NLMK Group, a leading international manufacturer of high-quality steel products. Two factors were reportedly instrumental for their receipt of this award:

  • Seven’s continuous new innovative proposals
  • Innovative shotcrete technology for steel ladles

Fedmet has the exclusive North American distribution rights for Seven Refractories taphole clay and has been a proud partner with them for over 7 years. Seven is the newest and fastest growing taphole clay supplier in the world and offers the most advanced and reliable solutions to controlled casts.

Taphole clay performance highlights include:

  • Designed for your specific furnace
  • Environmentally friendly – ultra low PAH – no special labeling
  • Manufactured in a modern, quality controlled facility
  • ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 with 90% of all suppliers ISO certified
  • Every clay slug is backwards traceable to its manufacturing batch and raw materials
  • Non-carcinogenic formulation, quick drying and easy opening

Seven taphole clays ensure stable furnace operation and hearth wall protection. These eco-friendly resin bonded clays are based on high alumina raw materials and are manufactured in controlled, state of the art facilities. Furnace life extension is optimized by advanced engineering refractory products. 

Fedmet’s service teams manage everything from inventory to performance reviews. Operating data is regularly compared to manufacturing data to ensure stable blast furnace operations. The Fedmet team has over 100 years of worldwide blast furnace experience. We have the knowledge and expertise needed to develop and optimize the most advanced and reliable solutions for our customers’ needs.

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