We don't follow in anyone's footsteps

Through innovation, our engineers focus on finding new ways to help customers achieve success in their business. We don't believe that standard is good enough and our engineers and staff are consistently striving to achieve better products and provide excellent service. 

Safety is a focus at Fedmet. Our engineers understand that it is a big issue for many of our customers. Fedmet staff know FIRST hand because we have worked in the field and know how important it is to have products that you can count on. Our products are designed with safety in mind to keep our customers and their employees safer every day at the work place. Each and every solution has the end user in mind.

Fedmet does not outsource any of our engineering needs. All of our products are designed by our staff and most are customized to each customer. By using our in house engineers, we do not add costly research and development to the bottom line.  

Each and every customer is important to us. We provide knowledge and expertise to all of our customers through our experienced engineers and advanced ideas. Our staff has years of experience and we want to share that. Fedmet was founded on innovation, and it is our core strength. Let us help you find the solutions to your High Temperature World.